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Karen Barclay

Your Spiritual Guide & Telephone Line to the Universe

Originally from Glasgow Scotland, Karen Barclay is a Spiritual Medium, Psychic, Reiki Master, Energy Teacher and Keynote Speaker working professionally for 10 years, and has given 1000’s of readings, locally and worldwide. Karen has been referred to as an "Ambassador to the Universe and Spiritual World”, passionate about teaching people to unlock and develop their own natural capabilities, using humour and laughter.

As a natural born medium, Karen’s awakening came with the passing of her father, as she was given the honour of travelling part way through an amazing tunnel of light, energy and unconditional love, reawakening her to the spiritual world. The gift that Karen’s Mother gave her was “not letting the game of life get you down”.

Karen’s readings are all custom tailored to the individual, through connections with the afterlife, personal growth through DNA unlocking and understanding from your own guides and teachers.
Facilitating a connection with loved ones and your own inner self, Karen’s passion for helping others has lead her to a deeper knowledge of psychology, science and spirituality.

Clients have referred to Karen as a “Telephone Line” and “The Universe calling the Humans"
As a natural born self taught medium and energy junkie, Karen has had the privilege of being a student of the energy world, studied along side many spiritual mentors, healers and other mediums to develop, strengthen and unlock her own natural capabilities, in helping her understand, evolve and honour her Gifts and allowing her to contribute worldwide.

Today as energy worlds progress there is a greater need to understand how thoughts affect our daily life, mind, body and soul. Connecting with energy will help you have a deeper understanding of self value and personal growth. Contact Karen today to help you navigate with clearer spiritual understanding. 

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