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About Services

Ambassador to the Spirit World

Karen is a professional international Psychic Medium who has helped hundreds of people worldwide connect to love ones that have crossed over, when connecting with spirits they will prove that although physically they are not a part of this world currently, they are from a higher vibrational energy dimension and are still very much a part of our human experience.

During a Psychic reading Karen will tap into your energy field to find out what is going on in your life, through Karen’s guidance, suggestions and encouragement, you have the opportunity to embrace these changes. With the manifesting energy of today that continues to enter our Earth Plane, Psychic Readings are changing from "Destiny Karma Based", to "Awakening Our True Self" and taking control of our own lives as well as manifesting our Life, Dreams and Passions.

Many years ago, Karen was introduced to a new energy source showing how our “DNA Programming", can be allowing us to feel “STUCK” in our life situations and repeated patterns. During the channeling process you are given the answers to when you picked up this thought pattern and suggestions to help you understand and release this memory, therefore allowing you to live a more full filling life, and by re programming your thought patterns.

Past Life
Memory coding from past life can sometimes cause havoc while living in this life, when Karen is  giving a reading sometimes a past life will surface that is causing upset, by sharing the reason why, you are able to realize or understand why you carry certain emotions or are always dealing with the same issues.

House Energy Clearing
With energy fields opening and people becoming more aware of different energy around them, many requests have surfaced for Karen to clear negative energy (so called negative spirits or entities/imprints) in our living, play or work spaces.

Your own human thought patterns are attached to this, and are the reasons for upset, discomfort, noise as well as misunderstood feelings. During communication with the entity that you are sharing space with, they share their story with Karen, and reasons why they are trying to communicate with you. The reasons could be varied, and after communication with the entity, the entity will decide to leave or at the very least settle down, disconnecting you from them.

As a Reiki Master Karen’s treatment will awaken many different healing vibrational channels within you, using a gentle approach this will help promote self healing and aline your own energy channels. The same universal channel of love and light that Karen connects to you during your session, is also with many of her own guides and mentors, as they come forward to help and assist you with your own natural healing.

Development Classes

This class is designed to help you unlock your natural capabilities, during class we practice Psychometry Reading of an object and Billet Reading of a name, both these methods help to sharpen your senses

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